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Probability Distribution Web


Have you ever wondered how to get from a normal distribution ("bell curve") to a uniform distribution ("flat curve")? If so, this article was meant for you!

Probability distributions are often related to each other. Sometimes you can apply a transformation, or take a limit, or make a ratio, or let some parameters equal a certain value to move from one probability distribution to another. For example, probably the most well known to students is, if you take a Z transformation, Z = (x-mu)/sigma, you move from a normal distribution with mean mu and standard deviation sigma to a standard normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1.

I've put two very useful "webs" below. The first ones are a small web from the great book Statistical Inference by Casella and Berger. The second ones are a more detailed web from The American Statistician, February 2008, Vol 62, No 1. I've also linked to the .pdf versions of these files here and here.

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