Times Table BINGO


With the recent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), many children are at home because schools are closed. Education and fun, however, should not stop. Here is a spreadsheet I created that gets kids working on their times table (up to 12), using the game of BINGO.

When you open the BINGO spreadsheet, you will see four columns of numbers. One column is of random numbers between 0 and 1. Another column is the numbers in the times table, but with duplicates eliminated. For example, in the times table, you can get 24 by 6x4, 4x6, 12x2, 8x3, 3x8, and so on, but the column will just have a single 24. The other two columns are the same thing, but for the second BINGO board.

If you press control-s, it will run a simple Visual Basic macro. It will sort the first times table column by the first list of random numbers, and the other times table column by the other list of random numbers. Each BINGO board then just takes the first 24 times table numbers (remember, randomly sorted), to populate the BINGO boards.

There are many ways one could play this times tables table BINGO game. One way is, the drawer could say 5x3, and the child would need to cover the 15 square if it is on their board. Another way is the opposite, where the child would need to say 3x5 (or 5x3) if the drawer draws a 15, to cover their 15 square.

I set the Print Area, that is, the area that will be printed out when you click Print, to be the area with the grid in the outlined box. This way, you can just open up the spreadsheet and press control-s to run the sorting macro, then print, and you're good to go.

If you find this spreadsheet to practice the times table using BINGO useful, please credit Statisticool.com. Thanks for reading.

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